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Three Custom Gift Basket Ideas for Your Next Gift-Giving Occasion

by Administrator15. August 2017 08:41


Nothing says “I care” quite like a gift you know the recipient will love. Even though there are a solid four months until Christmas, adult life has taught us that gift-giving season never really ends. This is part of why gift baskets are so popular. Some people take the easy way out by getting gift cards, but it’s safe to say those aren’t as thoughtful as a gift should be. With a gift basket you can take pieces of what the recipient likes, and send a gift basket that includes some of what they enjoy with little effort. This is great, but sometimes you just need something more special and thoughtful. That’s where custom gift baskets come in. You think various things that the recipient likes, and the Baskets staff takes that information to make a beautiful basket. The end product ends up being quite thoughtful, but also relatively easy to get together. At Baskets Gourmet, we can customize any of our extensive selection of gift baskets with a large list of snacks, bar accessories, and more! To get you started, we put together three custom-themed gift baskets to get the ball rolling.

“Cooking with Wine” Basket

Cooking and wine have gone together for as long as restaurants have existed (which is about 400 years, by the way). Whether you’re making a housewarming gift for someone who just moved, or want to encourage someone who wants to learn how to cook, a gift basket is the perfect choice. White wine, red wine, sherry and marsala are all excellent options for an aspiring chef, and they all have their place in the world of cooking. You could also adorn your basket with cooking accessories, like whisks, spatulas, or thermometers. The common opinion is that you should only cook with wine you’d drink, which especially applies to those cooking wines you find in the grocery store, which often contain salt and other harsh additives.

Potential Inclusions:


  • Cooking mitts
  • Whisks
  • Food thermometers
  • Spatulas
  • One white and one red wine (they’re both excellent for cooking!)
  • Common herbs and spices, such as paprika, oregano, and garlic powder


Golf Outing Basket

Golfers enjoy beer and wine alike, but beer is a much more convenient beverage for on the course. You can give the golfer in your life the best of both worlds with one of our custom gift baskets! We already have a basket specifically for beer lovers, You can customize the beer basket, or any basket to include a bottle of wine and some golf-wine accessories. You can even skip the beer altogether and make sure your golfer has everything he needs to unwind after the 18th hole.

Potential Inclusions:

  • Golf-themed wine stoppers
  • A wine of your choice
  • Golf ball whiskey chillers
  • Chips (or other great on-course snacks)
  • Wine charms


Beach Vacation Basket

It’s no secret that we think wine and the beach go together like peanut butter and jelly. Nothing feels quite as summery as a sipping a chilled Rosé while we listen to the tide crash and pull away. A beach-themed gift basket is a great way to celebrate a coworker who is about to head to Florida for a much-needed vacation. Another option is to gift a beach basket in the heart of February when everyone needs a little reminder that warmer days are just around the corner. Regardless of the beach trip happening soon or not, a beach-themed basket is a great way to brighten anyone’s day.

Potential Inclusions:

  • Flip flops
  • Sunscreen
  • A beach towel
  • Rosé (or another beach wine)
  • Pretzels for a beach snack
  • (For extra points, skip the basket and go with a cooler to keep those wines cold under the hot sun)

Your one-stop shop for all things gift basket


This list is nowhere near exhaustive, just like there’s no limit to how much you can customize your gift basket. So, whether you’ve got your basket drawn out and ready to go, or you need a little more help turning your vision into a reality, we are the company for you! Call or visit us today and let us help you turn that idea into a gift basket that someone will love. Also, take a look at our premade gift baskets.


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