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Terroir-3 More Reasons to Appreciate Wine

by Administrator26. October 2016 12:01

You’ve likely encountered the notion of “terroir” if you have ever had a serious discussion about wine, let alone browsed the dozens of bottles that now list it prominently on their label. Used by casual wine enthusiasts to expert sommeliers, terroir is a widely used term and one of the most important concepts to understand in order to fully appreciate the art of wine tasting.

So what does terroir mean?

Terroir describes the role a region’s environmental factors – including its soil composition, altitude, elevation, contour, sun exposure, and climate – play in determining a wine’s characteristics. Terroir, in its most simple sense, is Nature’s contributions to the wine making process.

The three most important factors that comprise a wine’s terroir are: Climate, soil, and terrain.


Depending on who you talk to, climate can refer to either the macroclimate of a large region, the mesoclimate of a more defined region, or even the microclimate of an individual vineyard or row of grapevines. Generally, though, climate will be discussed in terms of two main categories: Warm or cool. Wine grapes from warmer climates produce higher levels of sugar which ultimately result in higher levels of alcohol. Wine grapes from cooler climates generally have a lower level of sugar and retain more acidity.


Soil is also an important factor in determining a wine’s terroir. Aside from the richness of minerals it provides, soil also helps regulate a fruit’s temperature, water uptake, and water loss.


Terrain refers to both the influence of region’s elevation as well as the influence of mountains, valleys, and bodies of water on the characteristics of wine grapes. Terrain, which is not simply limited to geographical features, also takes into consideration the complex relationship between wine grapes and other flora available in the area.

If this definition seems like a stretch from your current understanding of the word, it likely is. Terroir is often used loosely to refer to the region in which the wine originated from. For example, it’s not uncommon to hear a wine described as being, “from Napa’s terroir.” While modern usage of the word has, in some ways, diluted the meaning of the word, the concept the term ultimately describes remains an important one. Just as traditional winemakers use the complex factors of the environment to create a fascinating product, wine drinkers can learn to appreciate these same factors for a fascinating tasting experience.

Learn more at our Wine Tastings

Ready to learn more? Let us take you through the steps of a proper wine tasting and learn how to identify a wine’s terroir from our knowledgeable staff. Join Baskets Gourmet/Wine World for one of our weekly wine tastings. We look forward to seeing you!

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Rosé and Food Pairings for the Fall

by Administrator19. October 2016 10:58

Fall is here, and it’s the perfect time of year to go out and try different types of Rosé.  Rosé’s are similar to whites and red due to the different types of grapes used. Some are sweet, crisp, dry, rich and even full-bodied rosés are a thing!

The fall weather gives people a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to what to drink and eat. On the cooler days you want to eat heavy comfort meals like you would in the winter, but the next day could be 80 degrees and hot, in that case you would want to eat light, where seafood or salads are excellent.

Luckily for you, we have done the research!  We have come up with food pairings that go great with all the different kinds of rosé! All of these pairings are suggested with a type of grape the wine is made with, so when you come to Baskets Gourmet Wine World a staff member, and we will help you find the perfect match for the dish you are preparing!

Rosé Pairings

Appetizers and starters:

·         Cheese boards pair best with dry rosé like Bertar Rosé made from Molinara and Merlot.

·         Olive appetizers pair great with fruity and delicate styles such as Clarendelle Rosé 2015 or Cotes de Provence Rosé.  We have both of these in the store right now!

Main Dishes:

·         Shrimp Scampi pairs best with more dry, fruity and full-bodied styles like our Mont Gravet Rosé.

·         Chicken Salad pairs best with an acidic, lighter and mild bodied wine like the Bertani Bertar Rosé.


·         Angel food cake with fruit and cream pair nicely with some of the sweeter rosés made with zinfandel or pinot noir grapes like our Stoller Rosé of Pinot Noir.

Other Great Rosé Pairings

Rosé's and Rosé Baskets at Wine World

If someone’s birthday is coming up soon, an anniversary or other special occasion, we can build a basket that includes rosé and pairings similar to those listed above!  Find more information about pre-made and custom baskets on our gourmet baskets page.  Thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy a wine filled Autumn!

Glasses of Rosé on a Table


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