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Wine for a Chilly Spring Night

by Administrator29. March 2016 10:23

Whether you’re bringing some to a party or simply sipping at home, when searching for the perfect winter/spring wines you want to look for full bodied reds. Some red wines that are perfect for a chilly night could be, red blends, malbec, zinfandel or syrah (find more seasonal wine suggestions via Biltmore.) If you aren’t typically a red wine kind of person you could always try something like an oaked chardonnay and sparkling white wines.

How do you know what kind of wine you like?

If you are a beginner in the wine drinking world or even just want to branch out and try new types of wine, think about joining our Wine of the Month Club.  You can join and receive 2 bottles every month of something new that will help you figure out exactly what types of wine you like, while educating you with a detailed information sheet.  The monthly cost is only $30 to $35 and delivery is available for a small additional fee.

Are there any wines or things you can do to wines to really warm you up?

There is a technique that involves using spices to warm up your drink called “mulling.”  Mulling literally means “warm!”  Think of wine to mulled wine as tea is to chai tea in the fall.  This is a great way to try something new with wine, cider or even beer that is great for a cool spring night.

Need some ideas for fun wine drink mixes? Try some of these! (Thank you to: Vine Pair, find more recipes on their website!)

Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

2- apples, thinly sliced

1/2 cup- cognac

2 cups- apple cider

750ml bottle- cava (any dry sparkling white wine you prefer)

1/4 cup- pomegranate seeds

Winter Fruit Sangria

1 cup- brandy

1/2 cup- sugar

1- orange thinly sliced

1- apple thinly sliced

2 bottles- zinfandel (any dry red wine you prefer)

1 cup- club soda

3/4 cup- fresh orange juice

Does this blog post have you in the mood for a nice glass of wine or eager to create some mulled concoctions?  Stop by Baskets Gourmet/Wine World to explore our collection and get started on broadening the horizons of your palate.  Thanks for reading!

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