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Wine of the Month Club In Cincinnati!

by Administrator25. November 2015 10:28

The holiday season is approaching quickly and what could be a better gift than a Wine Club membership?!  Joining something new and exciting would make anyone happy, and put them in the holiday spirit! The Wine of the Month Club at Baskets Gourmet provides perks such as: 2 bottles of wine each month, a history and background of the vineyard and grapes the wines are made of, food pairings, suggestions and more!

Trying new wine is more than just something new, it’s an experience you can gain knowledge and expertise from, and it demonstrates just how unique every wine is. Knowing things like the differences in grapes and acidity will give you the knowledge to throw incredible dinner parties or gatherings with your friends and family.  Guests will without a doubt be wowed when you offer them a wine and compliment that wine with a cheese or chocolate that is seemingly made for that specific wine.  With the appreciation of wine you’ll gain by tasting all types you may even encounter a wine that you might not have known before.   What we’re trying to say is, this isn’t your average monthly membership!  It’s a learning experience that you may find a new passion for, and it can help you to have greater dining experiences for the rest of your life!

Conveniently located in Anderson Township of the Greater Cincinnati Area, we are easy to get to.  To make our club even more accessible, we will deliver the monthly wines right to your doorstep so that if you don’t live near Anderson you can enjoy the Wine of the Month club hassle free! Another option we include in this membership is allowing people to prepay ahead of time, you can take advantage of this benefit with our 3 month, 6 month and full year subscriptions. If you don’t want to pre-pay ahead of time you can always pay as you pick it up each month or get billed through your credit card when we deliver it to your home. The options are endless so join soon or get someone a membership for the holidays to give a gift that can be enjoyed for a lifetime!



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