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Summer Drinks-Peach Wine Spritzer Recipe

by Administrator23. July 2015 15:00

Vacation season calls for a little wine and little spritz.  A fresh peach wine spritzer is the perfect summer drink to help you cool down and relax.  We found the perfect recipe from allwomenstalk, here. To make this perfect peach wine spritzer all you will need is:

A bottle of your favorite white wine from Baskets Gourmet World

6 quartered peaches, and some extra slices for garnishing

2 Tablespoons of honey

1 liter of sparkling water

Mint to garnish

In a blender mix the honey and quartered peaches. Then you pour that puree into a serving pitcher; add the bottle of white wine of your choice, and the sparkling water. Stir all of that up, add a sprig of mint and an extra peach slice to your glass to garnish, and then enjoy!

At Baskets Gourmet Wine World we have a huge selection of white and red wines to make the perfect wine spritzers, sangria, and other fun drinks for you to enjoy throughout the summer. Wine is the perfect on a hot Cincinnati summer day or night because it’s crisp, light and refreshing.

If you’re not sure of what white wine to mix into your summer spritzer, we can help!  A great way to learn more about wines and what they pair well with is to attend our weekly wine tastings.  Last week we featured a Scaia White Blend from Italy.  This would make a wonderful feature in a spritzer.  For sangria you could use a red wine blend.  We featured one of these last week as well from Vitiano, out of Italy as well.

Regardless of the wine you choose, our knowledgeable staff can help you concoct a delicious summer drink that includes what your taste buds enjoy most!  Stop by and see us.  All of our contact information is listed on the main website.


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