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Wine and Cheese Pairings

by Administrator23. June 2015 10:57

What pairs together better than wine and cheese? Nothing! Gourmet wines paired with cheese enhances each items flavor!  At Baskets Gourmet Wine World you can conveniently customize a gift basket that incorporates wine and cheese in our large inventory store. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about all of the products in stock to ensure you create delightful pairings!

 Imagine yourself on a cool Saturday night this summer, gathered with your friends and enjoying a set of perfectly paired wines and cheeses. You will not only be the star of the party, but also provide an amazing experience that makes all of your guest’s taste buds go wild. Nothing makes the party like wine, cheese and other gourmet snacks personally selected from our wine and liquor store.

Some common pairings include:

·         Champagne,  Brie

·         Riesling, Gouda

·         Chardonnay, mild cheddar

·         Merlot, Parmesan

·         Pinot Noir, Goat Cheese

·         Syrah, Sharp Cheddar


To get started, consider a visit to our store on Fridays from 5:30 to 7:00pm for a wine tasting.  We often times have wine distributors or folks directly from the vineyards on hand to discuss the wines we are tasting, and cheese or bread to accompany the tasting as well.  This way if you have any questions, we can address them right then and there to help you have a better understanding of what is possible with pairings.

If we didn’t have enough reasons to drink wine already, there has also been discussion about how red wine may have health benefits.  We found the article to be interesting, and thought you might too!

From the parings listed above to a Cabernet paired with sharp cheddar, or even a crisp Sauvignon Blanc paired with salty and tangy feta, the options are endless when you come to Baskets Gourmet Wine World. Do your palette (or maybe someone else’s) a favor and pay us a visit!


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