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Beer Lovers Gift Baskets

by Administrator6. March 2015 15:35

Need a gift idea for someone who loves to try new beers? At Baskets Gourmet Wine World we create gift baskets of all kinds.  The best part? They all contain alcohol and items that were meant to be paired with that particular beverage.  One of our popular baskets is a Beer Lovers Basket that can be pre-assembled, or customized to the taste and palate of the recipient.

In a Beer Gift Basket you can choose from a variety of imported, seasonal and domestic beers. We also pair the beers with snacks such as: nuts, olives, chips and salsa, etc. We can make up a basket or you can customize the basket to include specific beers from our selection. Some of the beers we carry are local.  Popular examples include Rheingeist, Mad Tree, and other beers brewed right here in Cincinnati.  If you’re not the decisive type, no worries! We have a pre-made Beer Lovers Basket.

Typically we find that men enjoy this type of basket.  Give the basket as a birthday gift, surprise, housewarming, or really any occasion!  It is sure to be a satisfying gift he will appreciate.  

If you'd like to get a gift basket, or just need to pick up something for the weekend, Baskets Gourmet Wine World has a great selection of wine, beer, and liquor that's right in your greater Cincinnati area.  We're in Anderson off of Five Mile Road. If you have any questions, visit us, or give us a call! We look forward to helping you create the perfect gift!



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