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Liquor Store

by Administrator11. December 2014 13:32

Not only does Baskets Gourmet World make incredible wine gift baskets, but they also have a full liquor and spirits store in Anderson Township, Cincinnati, OH. Our central location on five mile road makes for a convenient spot to pick up whatever you are looking for.

This time of the year we’re an especially great spot for gift giving! Our gift baskets are professionally assorted with alcohol, snack, and chocolate pairings(or any of your requests) to enhance the experience on your palette.You can find a complete selection of alcohol to add to a gift basket inside of our liquor store, that holds all types of alcohol. If you are looking for it, we probably have it. We carry a variety of rums, vodkas, gins, whiskeys, tequilas, and much more.  

Along with our assortment of liquors we have special mixers and sodas to help you get creative when making your cocktails. A few examples are: club sodas, tonic waters, vermouth, mojito mix, margarita mixes, and everything in between.  Whether you’re making your daily martini, or having taco night, we carry the essentials!

Our liquor store is open Monday through Saturday 10:00am until 7:00pm along with extended holiday hours. These holiday hours apply to our weekly Friday Wine Tastings as well, so be sure to check those times before stopping in. If you have any other questions you can call us during business hours at 513-232-6611, or just stop by after work! See you soon.


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