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Gourmet Wine Basket Gifts

by Administrator22. October 2014 08:55

With our large selection of wine, liquor, coffee, cheese, accessories, and more Baskets Gourmet Wine World allows you to create gourmet wine baskets that are completely unique!  Our talented in-store consultants are familiar with our items and how to pair them, so that you can create a phenomenal gourmet gift basket.

With fall here and the holiday season right around the corner, we’d like to offer a few pre-assembled basket ideas that would make a great gift.  Keep in mind any of these can be customized to your budget, taste, and occasion!

To start, our “Thinking of You” Wine Basket  is perfect as a hostess gift at thanksgiving, or just to remind someone how much they mean to you. With a bottle of wine and some snacks placed in a bread basket, this gourmet wine basket is simple, budget friendly, and makes for a thoughtful gift.

Next we have our “Happy Holidays” basket.  This basket incorporates chocolate, snacks, and a festive bottle of wine that is sure to get anyone in theHolidayspirit come December.

Last but not least, our “Beer Lover’s Basket.” Keep in mind that we are a wine, and liquor store. We can create baskets with beer, liquor, wine, and anything else that we carry in our store! The beer basket is a great for the Men in our life, especially when Sundays come around for football!  It incorporates seasonal beers, chips, salsa, nuts, and more! 


These are just a few examples of the baskets we carry! If you’d like to create a gourmet wine basket, please visit us on Five Mile Roadin Cincinnati! Or, if you found a pre-made basket that you enjoy, we can ship it anywhere! Feel free to browse our website for more information on our gourmet baskets , or contact us


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