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Red Wine 101

by Administrator22. October 2013 17:21

Wine can either be used in making meals or taken with the meals. People also prefer to drink red wine socially for those that do not like beer or whiskey. Apart from the color which is obvious, there is more that you need to understand about red wines to become an expert. It is also advisable to have basic knowledge on these wines before taking them or even serving them.

Red wine is made from grapes that have a red, purple or even bluish color. The final color of the wine is determined by the type of grape that is used and the length of time used for fermentation. The red wines that are available in the market today are produced from more than fifty types of grapes. Their colors range from light red, maroon, ruby red, almost black and even purple. You should be able to describe the color of the wine appropriately.

Wines are also described using their style.  The style is mainly determined by the winemaker. Classification of styles in red wine is done by using body types. Each type of wine has a specific body type depending on creation. Body type is used to describe the amount of tannins it a particular wine.

We have light, medium and full bodied wines. A full bodied wine has more tannins than a light or medium bodied wine. It is also important to note that the amount of tannins will make a wine either light like water or heavy like milk. The latter is as a result of more tannin.

We also have red wine being described as dry or sweet. Dry refers to wine that is not sweet. Dry wines are mostly served with food. They are becoming more popular than their sweet variety. Most of the restaurants serve their meals with dry wine as a combination. When serving wine with food, you need to understand the type of meals that go with each type of wine. You should also understand the type of glassware to use.

It is important to note that sometimes red wine will be referred to by the region that they come from. For example Bordeaux wine is used to refer to wine that come from the French Bordeaux region. These wines can be a combination of several varieties in one bottle. Learning the basics about these wines will help you when choosing the wines to serve or use.


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