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Best Steak Wines | Cincinnati Wine Store

by Administrator6. September 2013 17:45
Best Steak Wines | Cincinnati Wine Store 
Looking for the best wine to go with your steak or to cook your steak with? We have some pointers for you.

Pairing Pointers

It's a well-known fact that red wines go with red meat the best. Something called the "tannins" in red wine makes the fat in steak soften. The "Tannins" is also what makes the wine create a dry feeling in your mouth.
Before choosing the perfect wine to go with your steak, though, there are a few things you'll want to consider, such as the cut of meat, the level of doneness (medium, rare, well-done, etc.) and the amount of fat in the cut. If you prefer a cut that doesn't have as much fat in it such as filet mignon, a wine with less tannin will be the best because the steak will not have enough fat to soften it. However, a cut of steak with more fat will taste better with a more brawny wine.
You'll also want to consider how long you cooked your steak. Juicy wines go better with well-done or medium-well steaks, but rarer steaks go best with aged wines, or wines that have an "earthy" taste to them.   
Some Pairing Ideas
  • Decoy 2010 Napa Valley red wine goes well with venison.
  • Bonterra Organic Cabernet goes well with most steak.
  • Root 1 Carmenere goes well with pepper steak and chops.
  • Acentor Garnacha goes well with cheeseburgers.
  • Mt. Veeder Cabernet goes well with filet Mignon.
Visit our Wine Store for Steak Wine Ideas
Let our knowledgeable staff members help. We can help you pair steak with a number of our boutique wine. Our wine store is located in Anderson, off of Five Mile Road.
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