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Beer from a wine store?

by Administrator17. May 2013 09:43

Not only do we offer gourmet wines, but we also stock a wide variety of craft beers! Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you choose the perfect beer for a hot summer day!


Beer has many varieties, and finding a new favorite brew can be easy! There are many types of beer; here are the most common types in America.


Pale Ale:

                This golden, pale beer bas is flavored with hops and barley. These ales can vary in flavor, but are generally bold with a stronger hops flavor.  Indian Pale Ales, or (IPA’s) have become popular and have a stronger hops flavor and are brighter tasting and more bitter.

Our recommendations:

Pale Ale

 Oskar Blues-Dale’s Pale Ale

Great Lakes-Burning River

Left Hand – Stranger APA


Bells’ – Two Hearted Ale

Ballast Point – Sculpin IPA

Dogfish Head – 60 Minute IPA

Amber Ale:

                This golden-red beer is a richer and hopier, highly carbonated beer. These ales typically have a citrus flavor with some bitterness from the high hop content.

Our recommendations:

Stone-Levitation Ale

Bell’s – Amber Ale

Breckenridge – Avalanche Ale



This dark beer is a sweeter beer that has flavors of coffee, chocolate and oatmeal. Many companies make specialty spiced or flavored stouts playing off the richness of the stout.

Our recommendations:

North Coast –Old Rasputin

New Holland –Dragon’s Milk

Ale Smith – Speedway Stout

Wine World now carries 64 oz. Growlers for Draft Fills.  You can purchase a Growler here for $5.00 and fill it with local or seasonal offerings ranging between $12.00 and $20.00 per fill.  You can also bring in your own 64 oz. Growler and we will fill it for you for just the cost of the beer.

Everyone’s taste in beer differs greatly. If you let us know what you’ve tried, and what you’ve liked, our experts here at Baskets Gourmet/Wine World will be able to guide you to a great beer!


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